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Yoga Retreat - at Soros Beach - Antiparos, 1-5 June, 2017

In this ideal place, by the sea,
with the help of Therapeutic & Hatha Yoga techniques,
we will deepen our contact with the positive qualities of ourselves.

We will practice basic breathing exercises and learn how we can
use them to manage stress and increase energy in our daily lives.

The program includes dynamic morning asana practice
and milder nights for all levels.

We will dedicate one day to the island opposite Antiparos, Despotiko,
where we will wander in the ancient ruins,
we will enjoy the blue waters and of course we will do Yoga at the sandy beaches.

In between we will have free time to discover the island, the cave on
St. John’s hill in Despotiko, and of course the town of Antiparos.

''Begin Your Summer, by charging your energy reserves
in a five-day Yoga detox and relaxation''


Party´s Summer 2015

Soros Beach, Antiparos, Summer 2015 Parties!

July 31 Iro & Natali

August 05/08 Junior Rush & Agent Greg

August 09/08 Jason Wasabi & Nikos Morfesis

BEACH FASHION PARTY - 27/07/2016 at 16:00 - Sponsored by: SOROS BEACH - BLUE Island - Models ACADEMY


Full moon D.J party

Life at Soros Beach is always a party, full moon D.J party, 10th of August 2014, with Jason Wasabi!

7/8/2017 - Guest DJ ´´ΘΕΜΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΑΝΤΑΣ´´ at Soros Beach! * * a Full Moon Party! - from 18:00 - YOU MUST BE THERE!!! * *

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